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Youth Inspiring Youth

An organization dedicated to bridging young leaders with resources to succeed.

A Platform to Your Success

Inspired by the Latin adage "Veni, vidi, vici" ("I came, I saw, I conquered"), Triple V is an organization seeking to act as a bridge between ambitious young leaders and the resources they need to succeed. We offer a unique, all-in-one platform to connect youth and expand their impact beyond their local communities.

About Triple V


Connecting young adults with opportunities to gain impactful hands on learning experiences.


Identifying and sharing resources that help empower students to complete their goals.


Supporting and spotlighting the success of young leaders in our community.


Identifying the next generation of leaders and aiding in their journey.


Storyteller Program

The Storyteller Program gives students the opportunity to share their stories through a video interview process. We believe in the power of storytelling, promoting a diverse set of perspectives. These interviews are then shared through the Triple V platform, linking students with resources as well as peers with similar experiences. Our program provides encouragement and a sense of community and connects students with opportunities.

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Student Spotlight

Meet a few of the inspiring young leaders currently in our Triple V Me program.

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Mason Thompson

Learn how Mason, a Cathedral Catholic High School student, incorporates the "hard work mentality" he learned from his father into school, sports, and beyond.

In The Works

Capturing Inspiring Stories

As part of our featured Triple V Me program, we give participants a chance to share their tales of triumph with the world.

Leadership Summit

With opportunities to showcase leadership skills, summit participants enjoy guidance and support while fine-tuning qualities that will help them succeed

School Programs

We're in the process of developing integrated school programs that will introduce Triple V to students and enrich their education.

Technology & Innovation

When it comes to college options, finding the perfect fit can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re developing an app to connect students to the schools best suited for them.

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Partnerships and Donations

The support of our community is what drives our organization. Check out some of our current community partnerships, and some ways to donate and support our mission!

Join our Community

Join the Triple V Fellowship for access to college and career readiness, in-person events, and personalized support. Explore our programs and join our community today.


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